Maid Service Monthly

Number One Cleaning Service Co., Ltd.

No. 1 cleaning service office maid company.

Monthly service rate
Monday – Saturday 16,500 baht/person/month
Monday – Friday 15,500 baht/person/month
6 days/week, no holidays 17,000 baht/person/month
7 days/week, no public holidays 18,500 baht/person/month

Regular housekeeping service clean

Our company provides a maid to guarantee the quality of work.
Cleaning service that can be checked
Maid delivery company Select maid according to the style that customers are interested in.
Doesn't make customers worry about missing maid who are late or leave holiday.

Fully time maid service

Number One Cleaning Service Co., Ltd. We are the leader in cleaning services. We are ready to provide delivery service to office maids, office maids. With a team of professionals who have expertise in using modern equipment regularly to serve customers fully save time for you.

Daily cleaning

1. Sweep, wipe, mop the floor with cleaning solution. Ready to push dust to keep the floor dust always beautiful.
2. Cleaning toilets and sanitary wares (male-female)
– Take out the trash and clean the trash.
– Clean sanitary ware, wipe clean walls, doors and room partition walls and mop the floor always clean
– Provide toilet paper, liquid soap, paper towels and garbage bags (provided by the employer).
3. Wipe the glass clean. entrance-exit door and wipe the glass inside – outside (As far as possible and within reach)
4. Collect the rubbish and dispose of it in the designated place.
5. Wash and clean water glasses, plates, teacups, coffee and ready to store.
6. Other tasks assigned by the employer from time to time.

Number One Cleaning Service can ask for more price and promotion services please call. 02-726-5956

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