Big Cleaning

In the cleaning contractor service, we are 1 in the top 10 cleaning companies.

1. Our company cleans at an affordable price. We provide cleaning services (Big Cleaning) to clean before moving in. Clean each type of floor with the proper method.
2. Wipe the glass and frame edges inside-outside.
3. Cleaning before moving in, cleaning the roof frame cleaning, dusting, rough in corners and in heights
4. Keep glue stains, paint and stains on the floor clean.
5. Clean the wrought iron and screens thoroughly.
6. Scrub and clean the toilet and sanitary ware in the bathroom.
7. Wipe clean aluminum.
8. Perform cleaning work in the service area according to customer orders.

How to using our services.

1. Select the type of cleaning.
2. For more information please contact Tel. 02 -726 -5956
or Cellphone 086-335-8504
3. Contact the staff to evaluate the job site (free of charge).
4. Staff appraisal and submit quotation
5. Customers who want to use the service must sign
a quotation.
6. Customers can return the quotation that had signature
as Email/Line oa/Facebook page to us.

We are 1 of the top 10 cleaning companies

You can ask for the price of Big cleaning services before move in at 02-726-5956

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