clean up, wax the floor

Why is it necessary to polish a polished floor?

 The glaze of the tile or floor So that the stains don’t stick firmly and make it easy to clean.

The step of our cleaning methods are as follows

1. Housewives will wear rubber gloves and protective goggles before mixing the solution.
2. Then use a paint brush dipped in varnish to apply to the tile floor starting from the corner and gradually apply to the tile surface until observed when the surface
of the tile cannot absorb the solution
3. Try to leave the tile floor to absorb the solution until dry for a period of about 1 day.

The advantages of floor varnish are as follows

1. Create a layer to protect the tile surface from various scratches.
2. Making maintenance more convenient, beautiful, clean and shiny floors.
3. Can maintain the condition of the tile floor to be durable.

Cleanup, wax the floor

1. Rubber tile floor, terrazzo floor, epoxy floor, polished cement floor.
– Scrub the floor clean with a floor scrubber, wax remover.
– Polish the floor to shine with floor varnish.
2. Ceramic tile floor, granite floor, marble floor, granite floor
– Scrub the floor clean with a scrubber and detergent.
– Mop the floor clean and polished the floor to shine.
3. Washed sand floor, stone cladding floor, can side floor
– Scrub the floor clean with a scrubber and detergent.
– Mop the floor clean and polished the floor to shine.

Our cleaning company service for cleanup, wax the floor.

For more information can contact us at Tel. 02-726-5956

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